Indian Horse in Schools


Educators have you seen the film? We’d love your feedbackAlso check out the #Next150, it can be started any time and used as a way to engage both you and your students in learning about current Indigenous issues.

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Richard Wagamese’ award-winning novel Indian Horse is being taught in thousands of Canadian classrooms, with over 100,000 copies of the book in circulation. The story of Saul Indian Horse hit the big screen back in April. Now we are preparing to launch the educational DVD.

Help us make sure that the Indian Horse film reaches high school classrooms across the country, and that it has long-tale life as a resource that fosters empathy, healing and understanding.

Empathy, understanding, compassion.

For First Nations, Métis and Inuit people in Canada this story is both deeply familiar and current. The book and the film provide an opportunity for educators to enact the TRC recommendation to engage with students who may be learning this history for the first time.

The book and the film taught together will be a powerful tool for transformation.

Through this project, our hope is to build understanding in non-Indigenous Canadians about why things look the way they do for Indigenous Peoples today. We will be rolling out interactive educational modules in time for next September's school year. Our resources will help students and educators discuss this history in a safe and culturally relevant way.

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