Oleg Savytski - Production Designer

Oleg Savytski is a Toronto based feature film and television production designer. Trained as an architect, he never thought that he would be immersed in the world of film but eventually he was drawn to the challenge of transforming the narrative aspect into a visual. He possesses a deep knowledge of 3D composition, colour and style, which is applied to his projects. Maintaining a practical, realistic and creative approach to production design, Oleg consistently strives for a product that is not only appealing to the eye, but works hand in hand in efficiently telling the story. Every project is an experience and a new creative output…there could never be enough.

Originally trained as an architect, Oleg discovered his passion in designing feature films and T.V. series, and was nominated for the DGC award in Production design category for Weirdsville directed by Allan Moyle in 2007 and for Defendor directed by Peter Stebbings in 2009. Recently, Oleg completed 13 episodes of the TV series The Bridge for CTV. Other selected credits include; King, Remedy, Covert Affairs, Aaron Stone (pilot for Disney), Hank and Mike,  P2, The Poet, Odyssey 5, The Guardian, The Newsroom, A Lobster Tale, Violent Crime, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.